Empowering Women: “Fearless”

In continuing my photo series on Empowering Women, I’m happy to share with you the story of Molly.

Molly is an occupational therapist working in a school based setting. Working with kids of ages five to 21, she strives to help them with their own life challenges. These challenges include ADHD, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and Cognitive disabilities. It is her goal to help others overcome their struggles and their fears in order to achieve the independence they seek in their life.

In addition to her role as an occupational therapist, she also works at a nursing home. Much like her role helping young students overcome their fears, Molly helps elderly patients through a rehab process after after experiencing a significant life event that weakens their ability to achieve independent living at home.

Being Fearless

While we often believe that fearlessness is something you’re born with, Molly’s work proves a fearless mentality is something that can be achieved, especially through the support of others.

“Everyone is out there attempting to be their best,” says Molly. “We’re bound to make mistakes or encounter challenges along the way.”

As she witnesses these challenges in action every day she strives to bring awareness to the ways people can help; starting by being empathetic towards one another.

“Be helpful, not judgmental,” she says. “Kindness can go a long way for people who are struggling.”

While she takes great pride in the work she does, Molly admits there’s much she can learn about herself as well. She believes her ability to support others, comes from the support of her family, friends, and her faith as a German Catholic.

“All of these job responsibilities help me embrace my own life challenges,” says Molly. “It helps you see that you are not alone.”

Molly has been working hard the past two years on achieving a Masters degree in Educational Technology and Instructional Design. She hopes this will help her further reach out and educate others about occupational therapy in new ways.

“I would have thought it unlikely of myself to have gone back to school after having a family,” she claims. “Luckily, I am blessed with support of my family and friends.”

When she’s not busy advocating for helping others, she’s busy completing that circle of support. You might catch her coaching basketball or soccer for her children and taking an active role in their lives. It takes a fearless person to tackle the challenges of others in addition to their own. Luckily that’s a quality Molly has in spades.

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